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125 Years of the Adirondacks

adirondacks 125 yearsThe treasured Adirondack Park of Upstate New York is celebrating the 125th Anniversary this year with the unveiling of a new exhibit by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Signed by New York State Gov. Roswell P. Flower, in May of 1892, was the establishment of the beginning of the Adirondack Park. With just 2.8 million acres, the 1892 law was the creation of an Upstate treasure that grew to 6 million acres.
Focusing on the heritage and visionaries who led to the establishment of the Adirondacks, the new The Birth of the “Blue Line” exhibit can be seen at the DEC Main Office at 625 Broadway, Albany. The Birth of the “Blue Line” refers to the very first map of the Adirondacks in 1891, the proposed park area is outlined in blue. This 1891 map brought change to New York, it was the beginning of the park so many have grown to love today. A series of three maps, each representing the boundary expansions, are on display at The Birth of the “Blue Line”.

The “Blue Line” map may capture the crowd, but there is more to see at the DEC Main Office- antique surveying equipment as well as a collection of photographs. The collection includes hand-drawn maps that outline the Adirondack Peaks, each map was essential in forming the “Blue Line” boundary of the original park proposal. As an area that was once threatened by deforestation, the Adirondacks have become a key to the Upstate New York culture and a nationally renowned gem.

America’s oldest and largest state park is holds a special piece of locals heart’s and will continue to be protected. New York State and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have deemed the Adirondacks a priority by taking preventative action against acid rain and trail erosion. The Birth of the “Blue Line” exhibit only furthers the State’s commitment to the Adirondacks.
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