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Adirondack Park Welcomes International Billionaire Executive for Conservation

In a world where international trade has grown so quickly, it was only a matter of time before the Adirondack Park began to draw global attention. Many international investors are looking for their own piece of property in America.

The most recent international executive to fall in love with the Adirondack Park is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, a multi-billion dollar e-commerce giant. He purchased a property called Brandon Park on the northern side of the Park for 23 million dollars. This is the largest land tract sold in the Adirondacks in decades.

Brandon Park: History & Future

jack ma adirondacks real estate

Courtesy: NY Daily News

A member of the Rockefeller family originally developed Brandon Park in the early 20th century. Over the years and generations, many well-known American families have preserved and maintained this property. According to the Wall Street Journal, Brandon Park boasts over 28,100 acres and 9 miles of shoreline on the St. Regis River. Mr. Ma purchased the property primarily as a conservation project, but he also plans to use it as a personal residence when he is in the United States. Ma stated that he chose the region because of its safety from environmental problems.

What does this purchase mean for the future of The Adirondacks?

This historic purchase raises the bar and opens up The Adirondacks to a whole new clientele that may not have previously thought about traveling to or owning their own piece of Adirondack Real Estate. This new clientele appreciates how the “old guard” has kept the area so pristine and wants to join in the effort of making this region the best it can be, and preserving it for posterity.

Jack Ma, Leading the Way in Conservation

In China, Ma is known for his ongoing conservation projects. His Adirondack purchase shows dedication not just to his home country, but also to the planet we all call home. Hopefully, Ma will inspire others to step up and take care of our environment.

Ma has also inspired the formation of many not-for-profit organizations. The Chinese government has recently become more lenient with government regulations on businesses and organizations. This allows the Chinese people more opportunities to get involved with the causes they believe in. This increased involvement can lead to a greater flow of capital between markets – which benefits the economies of both nations.

Technology = Environmental Healing

Thanks to our 21st-century technology, we have access to a wealth of research into how our environment is changing. This knowledge, combined with personal philanthropy, can change our world for the better.

The Adirondacks have a tradition of environmental conservation. Over a hundred years ago, this region saw an increased level of deforestation. The Adirondack Park was established to help rebuild the forests in this area.

Our modern technology gives us an understanding of what our planet needs to heal itself. Visionaries like Ma put this information into practice. With the help of people from across the world, the beautiful Adirondack region will continue to improve!

Welcome to Adirondacks Jack Ma

The Adirondack Region is excited to welcome Ma as the new owner of such an exquisite and meaningful property. With Ma’s philanthropy and commitment to the environment, this property will remain wild, healthy, and beautiful – just as its founders intended. Hopefully, this purchase can encourage similar investors from around the world.

The Keir Weimer Team of Select Sotheby’s Realty is excited by the amazing progress the Adirondack Park has made over the last few years as conservation-minded people flock to the region and purchase Adirondack property.

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