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Why Buy with Us

Why Work With Our Team

It’s completely FREE to have us represent you! Schedule an initial no-obligation, in-person meeting to discuss your real estate goals.

Our Team Would Like The Opportunity To Help You Buy Your Home!

There are a few key points that we believe set our Team apart from other real estate professionals:

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You are not just getting one agent, you are getting our ENTIRE Team of full-time, dedicated sales professionals and support staff to help you at every step of the way.


We are a Team of committed professionals who live, work and love the communities in which we are helping our clients buy their dream home.


Our sales experts all hold advanced industry certifications and designations which afford them a greater level of skill and knowledge to better serve their buying clients. These include (but are not limited to) Acredited Buyer Representative, Sellers Representative Specialist and Resort and Second Property Specialist.

Our Mission
Our Mission

This is your life, your dreams, your memories, your home. We will help you find it and achieve it! Our team is committed to building exceptional relationships and experiences for our clients, and listening deeply to your dreams so we can help make them come true. We will make this fun again, we will focus on you, we will help you find your home and purchase it at the best price, on the best terms, and with a memorable experience!

Purchase for the Lowest Price Possible...
Purchase for the Lowest Price Possible...

We consistently help our clients purchase their dream home for less money, and in less time, than any other agents in the area! In a simple way of putting it, it means that we save you more money than the average agent. We negotiate on your behalf rigorously to achieve the best price, on the best terms, and get your home under contract faster!

...In the Shortest Amount of Time...
...In the Shortest Amount of Time...

The ability to have smooth transactions, without the headaches and typical risks, that close on time or early, is our competitive advantage. When buying a home there are a lot of unknowns, we don’t want the closing date to be one of them. We strive to close at the time it’s most convenient for you.

...With the Least Hassle!
...With the Least Hassle!

We want your biggest concern during the home purchasing process to be that you were expecting it to be harder. Our Team provides world class white-glove service, and a truly exceptional buying experience for our clients!


The experience of buying a home is exciting and exhausting. The first step is to choose and stay with the right Agent and Team. Buying a home is more than a business transaction, it’s personal. Our Team is committed to our one-on-one relationship with each of our clients, reducing time and energy, and bringing back the fun in buying a home.

  • Help you find the perfect home for you; in the neighborhood you want, at the right price
  • Keep you updated on the most current listings via email automatically
  • Private showings with our team
  • Locate and identify off-market properties
  • Provide resources to you - preferred lenders, inspectors, home repair referrals, school information, neighborhood information, attorneys, etc.
  • Provide regular, proactive and responsive communication
  • Navigate the offer process, showing you how to write an offer that will be accepted
  • Assist with needed inspections
  • Communicate aspects of transactions between parties during transaction
  • Be available anytime to answer questions before, during and after the transaction
  • NO-Risk Agreement: Cancel Buyer’s Representation agreement any time by email
  • Tell us all about your dream home, location, style, amenities and more!
  • Meet with lender to start loan process and obtain pre-approval
  • Let our Team know when you would like to schedule showings
  • Allow our Team to navigate you through a successful negotiation process
  • Be loyal to our Team and our proven home-buying process, and emerge successfully with the home of your dreams!


We will supply you with a list of preferred lenders who can get you pre-approved before you embark on your home search.

  1. Generally, interest rates are locked in for a set period of time. You will know in advance exactly what your payments will be on offers you choose to make.
  2. You won’t waste time considering homes you cannot afford.
  3. A seller may choose to make concessions if they know that your financing is secured.
  4. You can select the best loan package without being under pressure.

Most lenders require that your monthly
payment range
between 25-28% of your gross monthly income. Your mortgage payment to the lender includes the following items:
- The principal on the loan (P)
- The interest on the loan (I)
- Property taxes (T)
- The homeowner’s insurance (I)
Your total monthly PITI and all debts (from installments to revolving charge accounts) should range between 33-38% of your gross
monthly income. These key factors determine your ability to secure a home loan:
Credit Report
Property Value


Most loans today require a down payment of between 3.5% up to 20% or higher, depending on the type and terms of the loan. If you are able to come up with a 20-25% down payment, you may be eligible to take advantage of lower interest rates and possibly eliminate mortgage insurance. There are also some programs that require 0% down. You will need to have cash reserves for the
following expenses:
Earnest Money
Physical Inspection
Credit Report


You will be required to pay fees for loan processing and other closing costs. These fees must be paid in full at the final settlement, unless you are able to include them in your financing. Typically, total closing costs will range between 1-3% of your mortgage loan.

The Search

We will design a custom search strategy based upon your wants, wishes and needs. I will lead you through the process of searching, touring and evaluating all on-market and off-market properties to help you find your dream home.

The Search

There are many ways to find out what you want vs. what you need in your next home. What we found is that by sitting down with everyone involved and filling out a “wish list” helps analyze everyone’s expectations, and the trade-offs most important.


Our team will preview homes on your behalf that meet your style, location, price, and size. We will lead the search and work with you at every step of the way.


Many buyers look at online sites to get pricing for homes, although their analytics cannot take every factor into consideration when pricing a home. This is why it is critical to evaluate property values, neighborhood advantages and disadvantages and other considerations directly with your agent who is a local expert.

Writing Offers

We will conduct market valuations on properties you are considering and advise you on both market value and offer strategy. I will aggressively negotiate offers to make sure you secure your ideal property at the lowest possible price and on the best terms.

The Offer
The Offer

Once we have found the home you wish to purchase, you will need to determine what offer you are willing to make for the home. It is important to remember that the more competition there is for the home, the higher the offer should be – sometimes even exceeding the asking price in certain markets. Remember, be realistic. Our team will help you make offers that will get accepted, that are based on market data, and that are written properly to safeguard your interests while maximizing your chance of winning the home!

The Earnest Money Deposit
The Earnest Money Deposit

When writing your offer we will offer an earnest money deposit. Generally this is 1-3% of the purchase price of the home. The amount you offer is based on several factors that our team will guide you through. This money is held in escrow during the transaction period as a sign of good faith that you will be moving forward in the purchase of the home. This money is due within 3 days after acceptance.

Accepted, Rejected ore Countered
Accepted, Rejected ore Countered

The ability to have smooth transactions, without the headaches and typical risks, that close on time or early, is our competitive advantage. When buying a home there are a lot of unknowns, we don’t want the closing date to be one of them. We strive to close at the time it’s most convenient for you.

Be Reasonable
Be Reasonable

Market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay. Market value is not a fixed, rigid price, but instead a range of value. This is because no two buyers are alike. You, the buyer, are the market. If a home is offered for X and you are willing to pay 10% less than X, do not offer an unreasonable offer that will not be taken seriously. You can still purchase a home at a good value, but the insanely great “deals” are still needles in a haystack, because the market value will always be determined by what a buyer is willing to pay. Our Team will work with you to make sure your offer is strong and accepted.

Home Inspection Contingency
Home Inspection Contingency

We highly recommend that you have a professional home inspector conduct a thorough inspection. The inspection is not designed to criticize every minor problem or defect in the home. It is intended to report on major damage or serious problems that require repair. Should serious problems be indicated, the inspector will recommend that a structural engineer or other professional inspect it as well.

The seller may be willing to negotiate completion of repairs or a credit for completion of repairs, or you may decide that the home will take too much work and money. A professional inspection will help you make a clear-headed decision. In addition to the overall inspection, you may wish to have separate tests conducted for termites or the presence of radon gas. We recommend being present at the inspection. This is to your advantage. We can provide you with a list of good home inspectors. Once our offer is accepted, our timeline for inspections begin. Per the contract we have usually 14-21 days for our physical inspection. We will have an opportunity to request the seller repair major items in a separate negotiation.

Disclosures & Inspections

We will walk you through all disclosures and what they mean, and safeguard you against possible risk areas with the property and the transaction. I will help you schedule and coordinate inspections and make sure we clear contract contingencies to close on time.


Signing, keys and more!


The “closing” is when funds are transferred to the seller’s attorney and the deed is transferred and recorded with the county clerk with you as the new rightful owner! Sometimes it can be delayed a few days, and this process in New York State is handled by the attorneys for each side.


The time has come and you can take possession of your new home! All the details, time and effort have been worth it as you get the keys to your new home!

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