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Celebrities in the Adirondacks

Vacationing or better yet moving to the Adirondacks is a great way to escape your busy, fast-paced life in a big city or bustling town. It is always possible to find a quiet, remote place and burrow away somewhere in the six-million-plus acres of the Adirondack Park. Even celebrities from all over the world travel here to get away from the flashing lights and snapping cameras.

The Famous Adirondacks

Rachel Ray, celebrity chef and Food Network Star, is one of many celebrities who grew up in the Adirondacks. In an online interview, she talks about her favorite things to do around Lake George. Her family once lived here, and she returns to the area about once a month.

In this interview, Rachel shares her favorite restaurants. She likes the Ridge Terrace for its fantastic food and classic, old-school style of preparation. Another one of her favorites is Harvest Pizza, where a pizza is actually named after her. Rachel also shared her favorite things to do in the area and gave recommendations for visitors to try. Her favorite season is Fall, and she enjoys apple picking at Hick’s in Granville, New York. Hick’s is known for it’s amazing cornfield maze, haunted hayrides, and apple picking.

Other celebrities who own Adirondack properties are Lana Del Ray, originally known as Lizzie Grant, who grew up in the Olympic Village; Bruce Springsteen, who spends time in Lake Placid; Kevin Bacon, who is a member of the Adirondack League Club in Old Forge, New York; actress Sigourney Weaver who has a compound in Long Lake, NY; singer Shania Twain on Dexter Lake; and numerous athletes who fell in love with the area at the winter Olympics.

Adirondack Property

Adirdondack Property For Sale

Source: Gotham

The fact that many celebrities have chosen to buy homes in the Adirondacks speaks to the privacy offered by the beautiful mountains and lakes. This region also supplies the uniqueness and sophistication that global travelers are accustomed to and expect.

Buying Adirondack real estate is becoming more and more popular as people discover this area’s hidden beauty and charm. The Keir Weimer Team of Select Sotheby’s International Realty can help you find the ideal proeprty that fits your needs. If you are looking for a vacation home in the Adirondacks or want to buy commercial property in the area, we can help.

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