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What to Do If Your Home Has Been on the Market for Over a Year

Your house has been on the market for a year now. It hasn’t sold and the offers you have received are unacceptable. Now what?

A lot will depend on the market itself as well the property. The top three factors that go into selling a house are location, presentation, and price. So if your home is just not getting the attention it deserves there are steps to take to get back in the game and get it sold!

  1. Reconsider your asking price. The market may have changed over the year and the price you initially listed your home at may not be accurate anymore. A price change catches the attention of potential buyers and may just be the factor that closes the sale.
  2. Refresh your advertising. Many buyers look for months or even years to find their next home. If your listing and promotional details remain unchanged potential buyers will notice, or not notice your property as a result. A helpful tip is to update your pictures as the seasons change to highlight what each season has to offer. With technology at it’s height, the opportunity for great photography and videography are the forefront of advertising!
  3. Give your property a makeover! Talk to your agent about what people dislike about the home. Although this may be hard to hear, constructive criticism from buyers is great insight into changes that can be made. Even small facelifts such as a fresh coat of paint or de-cluttering your house can make a huge difference in appeal. It may be a more substantial renovation such as a new kitchen or bathroom. If these changes are the difference between selling and sitting on the market, it could be worth it. Determine how much you are willing to invest and then consult with experts about the changes most likely to improve your chances of sale.

Adirondack Real Estate Professionals

Selling your home can become a frustrating process if it takes a long time to sell. Try to remember to stay patient and positive. Use resources such as Realtors to help guide you through the process and be open to advice that they give. If you are thinking of selling your home, please consult one of the many experts at The Keir Weimer Team. We are happy to give a free estimate of your home and guide you through the process of getting it sold. We look forward to hearing from you!

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