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Ice Fishing in the Adirondacks

Ever been hard water fishing? Ever walked out on a frozen lake without the fear of falling through? If not, then let us take a moment to recommend Ice fishing in the Adirondacks. Often associated with freezing cold temperatures and hot chocolate ice fishing can provide some of the best fishing opportunities seen all year long in many areas. Just like every other watershed in the northeast our waters are extremely vulnerable to hot temperatures and little rainfall. Making fishing in the heat of the summer tricky in certain areas. However, ice fishing provides a cooler temperature for many of our cold water species that respond well to our colder winters.

From Jones Pond to the upper Saranac lake ice fishing in the Adirondacks has a very deep history. From the early trappers who pioneered the Adirondack park, fishing was as much as part of the culture as logging and hunting. Experience is a plus but by no means a requirement, anyone with an auger, hand line, some minnows, and a bucket has everything you need to get in the game.

Ice fishing seasons run November 15 – April 30 for species with no closed season or minimum length, and that’s a span with a lot of tricky weather at either end. For the big fish like northern pike, pickerel, tiger muskellunge and walleye, the season shortens to end March 15. The trick is to find the good weather. Although it has little effect on the under the ice conditions it will be critical to morale out there on the lake. Gloves, a warm hat and boots are a must in any case, a thermos of hot coffee is optional.

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