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The Intersection of Environment and Sport: The Adirondack Ice Bowl

The combination of environment and sport is no alien concept to life in the Adirondacks. Having spent nearly our entire lives in the Adirondack Park and neighboring areas of upstate New York, the appreciation of winter beauty comes naturally.

From Snowmobiling to all different styles of skiing, the Adirondacks are the epicenter of all events for winter-loving outdoorsmen and women. The exposure to such a lifestyle has been well branded by all Adirondack natives and (new natives) and its reputation is revered amongst not just locals but international tourists as well. With such a love for the outdoors and the winter possibilities an event that is rarely discussed more than a few weeks out of the year is something that all winter athletes consider to be perhaps the purest form of the sport, pond hockey.

Every year The Adirondack Ice Bowl takes place around the inlet of Fourth lake. Strategically located and sponsored by Saranac Beer and Clinton Tractor, the ice bowl has become for those who are in the know a captivating experience that is very rarely taken advantage of by more career ice hockey players.

On January 26th through the 28th, the Adirondack Ice bowl will kick off for what is sure to be not just fun for the whole family but a celebration of what we stand for in the Adirondacks. The intersection of sport and the environment. We don’t just enjoy the beauty of our home from the comfort of an armchair and a nearby fireplace but instead choose to go out and connect our bodies to it. A concept that we at the Keir Weimer team want all of our friends and family and clients to experience when discussing the possibility of becoming part of the Adirondack lifestyle.

In the spirit of live music, the rush of a breakaway, and well stocked Ice Bar we want to encourage all of you to go out and explore the event next week. Talk to the great people who put on the event and don’t forget your stick because the promise of fun and community are always a guarantee.


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