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Introducing Our Newest Team Member Samantha Curry!

We are excited to introduce our newest member to the Team, Samantha Curry! Sam has a passion for the area and the lifestyle this region affords, and she wants to help others experience this through living, working and investing in our communities. Sam is uniquely capable of showing buyers of any type of real estate why this region is so attractive, and why it’s worth buying real estate here and we are happy to have her as a valued member of our growing Team!

Take a moment and get to know Sam in our New Agent Q & A below, after taking a quick look into Sam’s bio video here:



What most influenced your understanding of real estate?

My family traveled a lot for work growing up, both domestically and internationally. Home base when we came back to the United States was our camp in the Adirondacks which eventually grew into our full time home, so I truly understand the value that a second home can provide to quality of life and family aspirations.

What does customer service mean to you?

Customer service is my number one priority. I won’t always have the answer right away, but I will always follow-up to find out what it is and get it to you as promptly as possible. I was a Communications major at Syracuse University before I got my Masters in TV, Radio & Film at Newhouse, so I believe clear and concise communication is key to the agency relationship and making your buying process enjoyable and at ease.

Do you have any personal experience with owning homes and rental properties?

My husband and I own and manage a couple of rental properties in Albany, NY with goals of expanding throughout the years. Real Estate can be a fun and reliable long-term investment if done right that can serve your future plans and dreams well. Even if you are looking to buy for leisure as a residence or second residence, I get firsthand that the numbers and market value have to make sense as a personal asset that has the highest likelihood to reap you rewards regardless of how you’re looking to enjoy your property. We actually live in one of our rental properties!

What personal trait helps you as an agent?

Getting my start in the entertainment industry, I developed a passion for networking. I love introducing people of different professions and specialties that they’re excited about to others so that they can develop their own relationship and each benefit from it. If you are in need of any particular service or help when relocating to an area, just ask, and I will always do my best to find you someone reputable to speak with if I don’t know someone already. In fact, one of the best ways that I hold myself to a high standard is through making the buying experience such that my clients can use me as a likely referral within their network should a need arise.

How has your family influenced your outlook?

I love New York State! I feel a personal tie to this state particularly because of how it has served many of my past relatives who came from Warsaw Poland and grew up in a Polish community in Utica, NY. They were able to find opportunity and build a live for themselves that is continued today with my family members who live in different parts of New York. When it comes to lifestyle perks, there are many hidden gems that can add to your weekend fun and a lifetime of adventure. I greatly look forward to helping others mold the lives that they dream of through assisting them in finding the property that fits their needs and goals.

Sam specializes in working with buyers of residential, commercial, investment and vacation properties in the Capital Region and the Adirondack Park.  Find out more about Sam in her agent bio section here.

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