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Tips for new Construction on your Adirondack Property

You’re thinking about purchasing Adirondack property and then you start thinking about that plunge into new construction. Nervous? Unsure? Well, we have put together some helpful tips to guide you along the way.

A new construction home can be an exciting and satisfying experience. You have the chance to work personally with a builder to construct your dream home. From picking your own floor plan to choosing the perfect countertop and flooring, the new construction will reflect your personal taste and vision.

With this freedom, however, can come great responsibility and sometimes headaches if you are not prepared from the start. To avoid running into such problems, we have compiled the top five tips to help make your new construction an easy and hassle free process.

  • Make sure floor plans are detailed as possible. Many issues and new construction nightmares can be avoided with excellent detailed plans and written specifications for the new home.
  • Select materials during planning and before the onset of building. By selecting materials in advance, you will get the most accurate bid price and will reduce change orders because the burden of getting things right will now lie on the builder rather than the homeowner.
  • Obtain a cost breakdown from the builder. Whether there are multiple bidders or one contractor whom you are working with, it is highly recommended to obtain a highly detailed cost breakdown of the job. This not only helps to plan financially but also holds the builder accountable for their work and avoids any surprise costs. Comparing builder’s expenses is a helpful way to determine accurate and fair pricing. There shouldn’t be huge disparities in price estimates among builders.
  • During the selection process, ask the builder to provide a timeline that outlines how much time each aspect of the job will take. While we know this may not be exact due to unforeseen issues, it is still a good idea for the builder and homeowner to have similar time expectations. This will also help the owner plan for other work to be done on the house at the same time the building is occurring. The timeline manages homeowner’s expectations and allows them to monitor if the builder is meeting their timeline goals each week.
  • This timeline should also take into consideration the Adirondack weather and how snowfall and stormy seasons can slow down the building process.
  • Make sure the sales contract has a home inspection contingency. Even though it is a new construction, it is still wise to have a home inspection performed by a professional of your choosing. If possible, the home should be checked during each phase of the building. This will hold the builder accountable and ensure safety and building codes are being met.

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