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Top 5 Things Sellers Need To Do Before Moving

No matter how organized a homeowner feels, the fact is: moving from home to home is stressful – under any circumstances. You need to meet deadlines, gather up your boxes and bubble wrap, and convince your friends to lend a hand when you need it. This year, thousands of people will embark on the adventure of purchasing a new home, selling a real estate asset, and undertaking the difficult task of moving.

These quick and easy tips will help you minimize stress as you get ready to move:

  1. Clean your house – As you host potential buyers, and you and your helpers pack up boxes, you’ll have a lot more foot traffic than usual. It’s easy not to notice the dirt and clutter these people create. Keep a mop, a broom, and some basic cleaning supplies handy. This effort will save you time and energy in final days of your move. Besides, it’s better to do a number of small cleaning projects instead of one huge effort. Real estate experts say you should clean your house on move-out day “as if you had a security deposit at risk.” Cleaning in small sessions before your big day (or the night before) will decrease your stress and expedite the moving-out process.
  2. Change your mailing address – It isn’t uncommon to overlook this small detail. However, it can have large repercussions and create unnecessary hassles for both you and your buyer down the line. It’s easy – Just visit and change your mail delivery address to your new one. It’s much easier to take care of this small, but important, detail online than having to spend precious time waiting in line at the post office.
  3. Notify your utility companies of your moving date – Give each utility company a date to discontinue your service; typically, this will be the day of your closing. Be sure to give your utility companies your new address so they can forward your final bills. If you’re unsure, ask your agent for a list of gas, electric, water, sewer, trash, garbage, and cable utility companies. Remember to cancel your daily newspaper subscription (if you get your news in print) and discontinue/disconnect your security alarm service.
  4. Call your insurance agent and cancel your current homeowners insurance policy immediately after you move – During your time in your current home, you may have switched insurance policies, agents, and real estate brokers. Your current lender will not cancel your current insurance policy; you must do this yourself. By this time, you’ve probably already established a new home insurance policy with your new address. However, with everything else going on, it’s easy to forget to cancel your current policy.
  5. Organize your packed moving boxes – It’s easier to move your boxes around before the movers arrive. Remember – the first box on the truck will be the last box off the truck. If possible, arrange the order your boxes go on the truck by rooms. Label your bedrooms by color or number; put corresponding signs on each of the bedroom doors in your new home. This system helps movers correctly identify the right rooms for your boxes. Also, consider numbering your boxes. For example, your first box could read “#1 of #99 – Master Suite”; your second box could say “#2 of #99 – Master Suite.” This system lets you easily see if any boxes are misplaced.

In the long run, these minute details and tips will pay off tenfold. Moving is a marathon, not a sprint. Perform these tasks correctly, and you’ll soon be enjoying the comforts of your new home!

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