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What type of home should you be living in?

We took a quiz on and thought the questions were fun and creative! The results fit our personalities perfectly! Think about your responses to each of these questions and see if they might correlate with your perfect home! Finding the perfect home that fits your style and lifestyle is extremely important. Thinking about the types of things in this quiz may help you figure that out.

What type of area do you prefer to live in?

  • Big city
  • Suburb
  • Small town
  • Lots of land

What is your ideal Saturday night?

  • Bed early
  • Club
  • Movie night in
  • Casual bar with friends
  • Have friends or family over for dinner

What is your go-to drink?

  • Beer
  • Hot chocolate
  • Wine
  • Cocktail
  • Soda
  • Moscow mule

Choose a home color:

  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Cream

Pick your favorite celebrity:

  • Blake Shelton
  • Blake Lively
  • Adam Sandler
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Beyonce
  • Snoop Dog

How do you prefer to get around?

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Walk
  • Taxi

What would you wear on your first date?

  • Cute, not too fancy
  • Very fancy
  • Clothes you wore that day
  • Sweats

What is your ideal pet?

  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Cat
  • Fish

What would you do for dinner?

  • BBQ
  • Takeout
  • Dinner out
  • Cook

Where would you go on vacation?

  • Europe – anywhere
  • New York City
  • Skiing, or somewhere cold
  • Costa Rica for adventure
  • Hawaii
  • Anywhere with a beach

Which feature would you most like in the exterior of your home?

  • Columns
  • Big windows
  • A large porch
  • Rock siding
  • A fountain
  • Palm trees

Now that we’ve got your curiosity peaked, head over and take the original quiz here:

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